leveling up our printing & packaging customers

VertiMetrics has built its reputation in the printing industry by challenging the philosophy of incremental success

Whether working with offset, flexo, gravure, digital, or hybrid methods, and whether working with commercial, packaging, mailing, or labels, VertiMetrics keeps you "ahead of trend" by providing the insight & technology to reach your net income goals

VertiMetric's Strategy

It's all in our name...

"Verti" stands for Vertical Markets:

Most of our experience is in high value, high margin, leading-edge technologies. Even though they have a shelf life, and are continually being reinvented, we keep track of them, and can keep you at least one level up

"Metrics" is where our projects together begin:

It's hard to increase your revenue without visibility into your unplanned waste, constrains, uptime, etc. That is why we are trained and experienced in Lean Manufacturing, and 6Sigma

No kaizen – we simply keep these things in mind as we assist you, so that we share the same expectations

Considering your Metrics

Improving your net income

VertiMetrics Products and Services

Lean MFG and Margin Market Discussions

Premium portfolio of inks, coatings, plates & chemistry

Intelletto Inlays with Impinj or Alien options manufactured in North America
Print on-demand
offset presses

Conventional & on-demand die cutting, kiss cutting, stripping, foil stamping, embossing, creasing, & blanking

Commercial & packaging 

folder gluers

Reliable & consistent RFID inlays & encoding devices manufactured in North America

Paper cutting systems

VertiMetrics Manufacturers (Partial)

Fine conventional, UV, & specialty offset Inks, including the world's only "powder-free" non-UV ink

Full line of top-quality aqueous & UV coatings

Fountain solution, alcohol replacement, additives, washes, & roller care 
Fine synthetic UV substrates 

Specialized proofing and wide format substrates

Latest thermal plate technologies

Totally redesigned
on-demand offset presses in sync with hybrid offset & digital workflows

Die cutting, embossing, creasing, foil stamping, stripping (without furniture), blanking (without dies),

latest commercial & packaging folder gluer designs

High-end paper cutters and cutting systems

Highest value conventional die cutting, embossing, creasing, stripping, & blanking

Intelletto: Reliable & consistent RFID inlays & encoding devices manufactured in North America
Sophisticated MES software & hardware solution to allow better data, better shop floor visibility, and better decisions

Gold standard proofing

Full line of wide format and hybrid printers

Large portfolio of sheet bindery equipment

Partner of Horizon, 

also a large portfolio of sheet bindery equipment

Premium provider of hybrid flexo/digital printing technology and consumables

Tier 1 manufacturer of folding equipment with enormous user base

Latest high quality, low cost, fast on press plates for small format presses

Automated shrink wrap machinery, and much, much more



Email: Support@VertiMetrics.com

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