Talk, Sing, Play, Cast, Record, & Monetize

VertiMetrics will help to turn your voice, audio, or video into to gold...

Whether tracking at VertiMetrics, Online, or On-location, VertiMetrics has the gear, the geeks, and the guidance to get the best Voice-over, Song, Album, Video, or Podcast that is possible without the cost of an over-marketed organizational black hole. It's just you, and a group of talented performer/advisors scattered across the US & Canada.

VertiMetric's Strategy

It's all in our name...

"Verti" stands for Vertical Markets:

You choose your target markets and media path based on your ideas and raw ability.

"Metrics" is where your projects come together:

We add the very best gear, geek, and grit, to help to finish and monetize for the biggest bang per buck.

You don't pay for any departments. We all create, perform, market, track, mix, and master.

We can do it here, there, and everywhere, through high-end road-ready gear, and the knowhow to max out your dream.


there, and everywhere