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Professional audio/video communication from your Home Office

The Home Office is not a new thing. The challenge has been to add high-quality audio, video, sound dampening, and lighting into a fixed home office space.

How can you professionally communicate with teammates, prospects, and customers using your phone, audio conferencing, video conferencing, and more, with minimal distractions that undermine professionalism in work conversations?

VertiMetrics shares ideas for the modern Home Office, including the option of professional-grade recording and mixing for audio, video, and music, all in your existing workspace.

VertiMetrics AV's Mission

VertiMetrics addresses the modern technology challenges companies face by focusing on one vertical market at a time, using that market's metrics for measure success.
VertiMetrics AV is specific to the audio, video, lighting, sound isolation of the modern professional Home Office.

Our mission is to help you maximize your professional image using your existing home office footprint.

This includes sound isolation, sound dampening, microphones, cabling, cameras and camera technique, lighting, backdrops, and recording.

Without this focus on the home office, AV advice is often too generic to be applied to the average remote and hybrid professional.


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